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We Buy Houses in The Central Valley

Dart Investments, LLC or as most call us, “The Dart Team”. I guess this is the part where we’re supposed to tell you a little about ourselves and how we got here.

We fix and flip houses in the “Central Valley” of California – typically our range is from Madera to Stockton.

YUUUP…. We’re flippers

We “The Dart Team” invites you to learn about the depth of our company, our people, and our experience in real estate. Our mission is to excel in all of our real estate endeavors while maintaining the company’s core values of respect and integrity. We are passionate about our industry and care about the relationships with our partners, investors, and customers. Each day we strive to positively contribute to the communities in which we build, improve, and continue to serve.

As a company our strengths are:

  1. Our marketing team produces 90% of our projects. (most of our projects are off-market deals)
  1. We run and manage our own “In house construction crews”.
  2. We deliver a superior end product.

Now on a personal note, my wife and I, always dreamed of living a big life. We wanted to be financially free, make a difference in people’s life’s, travel frequently, and have a bunch of fun while doing it all. Does this ring a bell at all?  I think most of us share in this vision for ourselves in some manner.

Now, we would like to share with you – some of our past projects….

Is that cool??

 Before and Afters

The Dart Team focuses on using high-quality materials, bringing a new life to a distressed property. Our goal is to design and remodel homes with our end buyer in mind, while improving our communities.

This ugly duckling was remodeled into a beautiful swan..

This house was fully remodeled including new windows,
Kitchen, bath and much more. It all came together


Dart Investments is a premier investor located in
Northern Calif., It is our goal to convert a distressed
property and give it new life. This property located in
Merced is a perfect example.

This property – was a light rehab, very little
debris – light trash out. The demo is still the
same – remove dated material. Remodel the
Kitchen, bath and all interior. Once done –

“Cute little house – 1st time buyer”

Wow!! Where do we start – these 3 units
needed a lot of love!!! No Problem, we were
able to visualize the potential. The positive –
we knew these units would be rentals, not a
1st time buyer – this makes a difference.

How to reach us:

Thank you – for viewing our site, we appreciate your time. We welcome real estate agents, investors, like minded folks, homeowners – if you want to discuss what we do and how you can get involved. Please pick up the phone and dial or text: